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"BAND-MAID PRIME" is a subscription-based video distribution service that only registered members can enjoy. There are many rare videos of BAND-MAID that can only be seen here. Please join us!

Service contents
"BAND-MAID PRIME" delivers digital contents mainly in the form of videos.
・Self-covered videos by members
・Variety videos
・Off-shot videos
We are also planning to deliver other original contents for members only as needed.
※Contents are subject to change without notice. Please note.

To become the 「BAND-MAID PRIME」 Member

If you want to become the member of 「BAND-MAID PRIME」, please register your information by following steps described below.

  • STEP 1: Please enter your email address and password in the following page: BAND-MAID ID create your new account
  • STEP 2: You will receive a confirmation e-mail to the e-mail address that you entered in STEP 1.
  • STEP 3: Please click the link in the mail you got in STEP 2 to complete to get your BAND-MAID ID. When you click the link, it means you finally get your BAND-MAID ID!
  • STEP 4: Please click Paid membership registration button in MY PAGE.
  • STEP 5: Please enter your information.
  • SETP 6: Please choose the Credit card settlement in Payment type page.
  • STEP 7: Please move forward with the procedure of Credit card settlement, then your BAND-MAID PRIME member registration has been complete.